Come As You Are

No Perfect People Allowed

All God want is your heart. He wants to restore everything that was lost to you, and we want to be there to encourage you along the way. We are not a perfect people and we do not expect you to be either. This can be the place for your broken heart, hurt soul, discouraged spirit and troubled mind to be refreshed, restored, and resurrected. Whether you are continuing your walk with Him, taking baby steps in His word or discovering your faith, we are glad you decided to let us join in your journey.

Stronger Together

A Family the Prays

We will constantly pray with you and for you as you discover and grow into God’s word. There is no better relationship than your mutual relationship with god, as it will transform you and place all other aspects of life into perspective. Develop that bond with Him and watch God work!

Change Your Mindset

The Heart of the Matter

Transforming HOW you think, transforms your life. When you realize that not just you, but those around you play a major role in God’s plan for the world, you will begin to live your life with the heart of God. Your commitment to both Him and those around you will show you that we are all connected to live this life the best we know how and to aid each other to strive for that same goal. With the help of God, believe and have faith that all things are possible.

Be Involved

At The Land

We know you do not always know where you fit, and you may want to explore before you jump right to it. When you are ready, we will be there to help you find your perfect place amongst family. Whether that is with P.L.C. Youth, as a Greeter/Usher, on the Worship Team within the Music Ministry or with our Media Team, you will definitely be able to find you niche.
Promiseland COGIC