'Ham It Up' Senior Holiday Giveaway

A Christmas giveaway of Honey Hams to a few of the Senior Citizens in the community during the holiday season just to show appreciation and give back to some of the Seniors that may not get as much during that time. These Senior's names were provided to us by other members in the community and selected randomly.


PLC Outreach, INC Board Members; Joe Guy, Anita Moore and Eloise Moore with Senior  Community Members 2017:

   Not Pictured: Ms. Berthial Pearson and Ms. Minnie Williams both of Osceola, AR; and Mr. Curtis Wilson, Luxora,

(Accepted by: Albert Veasley, Jr.)             

                                                                      Ms.Eula Jackson, Osceola, AR             Mrs. Bertha Veasley, Osceola, AR            Ms. Pauline Moore, Osceola, AR


Ms. Mary McGowan, Osceola, AR         Eld. Paul Sorrells, Luxora, AR



PLC Outreach, INC Board Members; Joe Guy, Anita Moore and DeCarla Porter with Senior Community Members 2016:

                      Ms. Mary Jones                 Ms. Mary Wheeler                 Ms. Aussie Washington and Mr. Eddie Bright

Ms. Susan Terry                           Mr. Housman