Progressive Life Center Outreach, INC.

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BOARD MEMBERS:     Joe Guy   President     Anita Moore   Secretary                Willie Jones   Treasure

                DeCarla Porter             Eloise Moore             Curt Martin            Johnny Moore Sr.


Established in 1999, Progressive Life Center Outreach, Inc. strives to stay connected with our

community and the surrounding areas through stewardship, activity, service, resources, and shared

responsibility. We aim to be sensitive to the needs of the families and citizens of the community through quality

leadership and ethical practices that encourages public participation, regard to our changing social and economic

environments and cooperative relationships with other units of government and non-profit organizations. PLC, Inc. is

determined to encourage the success of our young people, the fundamental survival of, and communication with our

everyday families and community members; and the longevity and inclusion of our elderly.   







'Reaching Our Community with Progressive Action'